Our mission  a.k.a. WHY WE EXIST

Growing Mature Followers of Jesus Through Genuine Love

We believe our mission is not only to win the lost, but to make sure that when someone accepts Jesus Christ, they understand what is required of them as His follower.  This is accomplished by...

BEING REAL (genuine, transparent)

We don't want to put on an act or create a dynamic show.  We want people to be drawn to Jesus and that happens when we allow people to see who we truly are and how God is working in our lives.  Being real also means truly caring for all people and loving them with everything God has given us.


Every message, every program, every study, and every ministry is focused on helping followers of Jesus to be totally and fully in relationship with Him.

our vision  a.k.a. what we are becoming

Lives Radically Changed By Christ

We've seen time and time again, when imperfect lives come in contact with a perfect Savior, radical transformation happens.  But the transformation is never finished.

Discipleship is about more than reading a daily devotion or having a regular prayer life...

  • It's about living the way God called us to live.
  • It's about slowing down and seeking a deep personal relationship with Him.
  • It's about understanding who we are at our core so we can make the necessary changes to become who God meant for us to be.

Consider this your formal invitation to come and see just how fulfilling this radical change can be.