Offered on an as-needed basis, Discovering NCC is your opportunity to meet with Pastor Brett one-on-one and get to know NCC better.  He'll explain who we are, how we began, what we believe and how we are part of God's kingdom. He'll also answer any of your questions and help you discover how pursuing God with us can impact your journey with Jesus.


COMMIT TO JESUS (Baptism)  |  COMMIT TO NCC (Membership)

Just as any relationship has a beginning, Baptism marks the beginning of a follower's commitment to Jesus and His mission. If you've never been baptized, we're here to help you take the first step in the best decision you could ever make.

If you've already been baptized, we invite you to become a part of NCC and join in our mission for His Kingdom.

Not ready for baptism or membership?  That's okay.  You're still a part of our family and we welcome you to keep attending our service and activities.


Being a disciple and follower of Jesus is a never-ending opportunity for growth.  As followers, we are called to grow in spiritual maturity, becoming more and more like Jesus in all aspects of life.  What we've realized is that spiritual maturity and emotional maturity are directly connected.  When we know more about ourselves and how we "tick," we open up ourselves to knowing more about God and connecting with Him deeper.  Please contact Pastor Brett for more information.

We also know that spiritual growth happens best in community, which is why we have Small Groups.  

For more information on how you can take your next step, send us an email at info@napleschristian.org or call the church office.